For Couples…


coupleMany couples I’ve seen have a good relational basis along with attraction and desire for one another, but have noticed that sex has become routine……We have a mistaken belief in our society that great sex is “just supposed to happen.” However, in long-term relationships or relationships where there wasn’t a strong sexual foundation to begin with, couples need to consciously invest time, creativity, and energy into keeping their sex life alive and interesting.


In my work, I help couples enhance and expand their sexual repertoire in order to have ongoing desire. I help you gain the necessary communication skills to express yourself and receive the others expression as you dive into the realms of sensation, fantasy, and passionate connection to create an exciting and multi-faceted sexual relationship between you and your partner.


There are many ways to explore sex and make it more hot, passionate, romantic, physically stimulating and psychologically arousing. In order to start exploring all of the different ways you might expand, it is helpful to have a map to understand the different realms in which it is possible to play. Some possibilities are Sensation, Partner Engagement and Fantasy/Role-Play exploration. I love to help individuals and couples identify their favorite realm and explore and expand in all of these realms to create long-term excitement and sexual satisfaction.