Release old patterns, focus on your pleasure, arousing of desire, build your sexual intelligence and live into your fullest and unique sexual expression
As men, our power comes from being able to have a clear direction in our lives and the freedom to express ourselves. What happens when we can flow like the tides and be present in the mystery of life?
Our lives revolve around relationships. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand some of the inner workings of relating to others so we can have more loving and fulfilling relationships?
Tantra is a set of teachings on how to practice the worship of "the divine"; whose energy creates and maintains the universe. Tantra seeks to ritualize and channel that energy inside the human existence.
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The Restorative Relationship Experience
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After reading Stanley Siegal’s Book, Your Brain On Sex. I wanted to write about his “restorative relationship” experience and how we can learn to engage with each other in a place of great... Read More

Inclusion’s Lack Of Discernment
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Everybody’s got a place in the circle. Inside the circle, as opposed to a line quality which is about competition, everyone is always sitting face to face. That’s the circles natural condition. Where... Read More